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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Secretary of State Triage

When did the State hire a triage dude for the DMV? Who created this job and for what purpose? Some guy directing one huge line of people to a series of smaller lines - to hand me a slip of paper telling me that I'm number 89 and to sit down while they call me momentarily? Any fool knows that it will be more than momentarily when the lighted sign glares number 63!

Usually, I do my plate renewals online so I don't have to go through this circus of America's most challenged, but for whatever reason, the website wasn't recognizing my PIN number. A window popped up with various reasons why it may not be recognized and it said, "if your name is Michelle, you'll have to go to your nearest branch for renewal".

As I'm waiting, I'm watching the unfriendly clerks at each of their posts. As soon as they finish with a customer, instead of hitting a magical button and calling the next number, they take their time reorganizing their area and then they disappear into the back for a few minutes. To do what exactly?

Maybe, just maybe, this should be the triage person's duty. To help the clerks with whatever it is that they do between customers so you can get in and get the hell out!